Meal Planning Monday

Here we are yet again… Monday. I didn’t get a meal plan up for various reasons, but am back again and feeling organised. I really noticed the difference last week without a plan. Even if I don’t stick to it religiously, it makes things much faster know what’s there to be cooked.

Chicken Hungarian goulash 
Baked cous cous with chunky chilli vegetable sauce 
Quorn sausages with butternut and cauliflower mash
Slimming World chicken curry
Chinese style pork burgers with salad
Slimming World ham, egg and chips
Risotto with whatever I’ve got lying around

It’s a bit of a busy week and my weight loss has plateaued a bit, so I’m really focused on my food this week. I’ll also make some Quorn bolognaise sauce and veg soup for lunches and snacking.

I always bake at least once a week for the kids and husband. This week will be white chocolate chip cookies and easy chocolate cake.

2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday

  1. This looks lovely! i am using a few Slimming World recipes this week (although I am more of a Rosemary Conley girl!) as they are so easy and tasty, and don't seem to compromise for being low fat/calorie.

  2. Thanks Lauren. I got the new Slimming World summer cookbook yesterday and there are lots of new recipes in there I'll be trying over the next few weeks.

    Last night I had egg and chips (I never stick completely to plan) and made some cherry tomato and red onion relish to go with it. Very tasty.

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