Meal Planning Monday – 4 July 2011

Last week’s menu was quite a success in my terns, in that I made at least 75% of what I intended to. My favourite was the baked cous cous with chunky chilli vegetable sauce. The cous cous had this gorgeous texture – like polenta or something. I think my mixture was runnier than theirs as the recipe said press it in, but mine poured. It took a little longer to cook as a result. I will definitely put that one on the menu. You could easily add chicken or sausages to this dish. It’s one that will be on my menu again.

This week’s dinners are:

Slimming World Chicken Curry with basmati rice (this didn’t get made last week)
Mexican mince with tortilla wraps
Mustard chicken with butternut and cauliflower mash 
vegetable risotto (also didn’t make this last week)
Quorn stir fry with egg noodles, veg and hoisin sauce
Pork meatloaf and chips or mashed potato and veg

I’m out for dinner for one night. A night off, hooray!

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