Meal Planning Monday – 5 September


Good Monday Meal Planners! I am feeling super organised at the moment as I have actually planned ahead for the WHOLE MONTH. That’s right – 4 week’s worth of meal planning and ingredient listing is done and it’s a bit of a relief not to have to think about it for a while. September is stupidly busy so I decided to do it all in advance and make life a little easier for myself.

Here is this week’s instalment. 6 meals which will give left overs for lunches, plus one night off.
Pork Schnitzel
Lemon Chicken
Quorn stir fry
Egg, chips, baked peppers
Chilli & butternut squash risotto
Turkey meatloaf & veg
I haven’t decided what do bake this week. I think it may include.

I made this Nutella Mug Cake on Sat night (another Pinterest find). I have convinced myself it’s diet friendly (despite the waist expanding ingredients) because you only make 1 serving and therefore don’t have a whole cake waiting to be eaten. It was lovely, but a very large portion. 1.5 recipe amounts would be enough for 2 people. 

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