Meal Planning Monday – 26 September

phew, a mental Monday, but I’ve finally managed to commit my meal plan to blog for your eatification (see what I did there? bad pun, I know). Here it is:

Quorn cottage pie with butternut squash & cauliflower topping
Turkey Burgers & salad
Chicken curry
Pulled pork sandwiches & corn on the cob
Toad in the hole
Diet Coke chicken
I didn’t make the crab frittata from last week, but I vow to make it this week to have for lunches. I am not a lover of seafood and often resist cooking it even though I know I need to eat more. 
Chicken curry and pulled pork will be done in the slow cooker and possibly also the Diet Coke chicken, depending on how my week pans out. It’s one of those weeks where I’ve got something or other every single afternoon or evening, which cuts into meal preparation time so it needs to be done in advance where possible. 
One thing I did make last week was banana bread in my slow cooker. It was the first time I’ve ever made a cake in it and it was mostly a success. It was HUGE and I had to cut half of it into portion sizes and freeze as there was no way it would have all been eaten before it went yuck. Next time I will lower the temperature with about half an hour to go as the outside has a crust. I suppose it’s ok because it was a bread recipe, but I prefer it without. This is the recipe I used.

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