Last week was the 20th anniversary of the release of Nevermind, Nirvana’s 2nd album. If you’re of a similar age to me (late-ish 30s) then you probably remember when it came out. You may even (like me) still have and play your original CD. It’s a great record album.

(I’d like to give a special mention to Dave Grohl’s hair, which is as hard a working member of the band as any of the guys).

Unfortunately many senior music journalists are also around my age and this came out at what was a pivotal time in their lives. Their pent up adulthood finally had an outlet other than pimples, leading some of them to attribute more importance to Nevermind than it really warrants. The early death of Kurt Cobain meant Nirvana never had the opportunity to dissolve into a Pete Docherty/Babyshambles drug slurry, thereby taking the sheen off (if grunge could ever have a sheen).

I wonder if we’ll be hearing similar things about JLS in 20 years time, as what is now a boy-crazed teen becomes a music journalist being led astray by sentimentality. Hopefully I’ll be deaf by then.

I may buy the remastered album but I sure am glad the hype has passed.


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