Top Christmas toys for boys

Forget the lists that are being hyped by the media. This is what is on the list in my house.

The Hogwarts Castle would be particularly well received, as would any pick and mix building blocks and this series 4 hockey player Minifigure.

 The bigger the better as far as my boys are concerned. Keep dreaming kids… it’s never gonna happen
Music vouchers

 Like Amazon, to download such classics as Sexy and I Know It and Make You Sweat

A family outing to somewhere is on the cards for Christmas but where is still being debated.


Sports equipment
Mine got hockey sticks last year but if they need equipment then now is a good time. Footballs are always received well here as the level of accuracy doesn’t always match the level of enthusiasm.

Power Rangers
I honestly thought I’d seen the back of Power Rangers when my eldest grew out of them 3 or 4 years ago. Apparently I haven’t. I’ve been told these are different but I can’t see it.


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