DIY LEGO Advent calendar

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was planning on making my boys my own version of a LEGO Advent calendar this year. They would love a Star Wars one, but at £25 each x 2 (because I suspected the youngest would come off worse in that deal) it was out of the question. Instead I’ve made my own version and I think they will like it better.

It contains:

3 x Christmas DVDs to go in on Fridays (Home Alone, National Lampoon, Muppet Christmas Carol)
Chocolate money
A LEGO minifigure
Random LEGO bits bought from
  • choose a family outing (cost restrictions and distance apply)
  • Stay up an extra half an hour on ANY night
  • Choose whatever you want for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday
  • A day with Mum and A day with Dad
  • Choose whatever you want for dinner
  • Boss Mum around for 1 hour and Boss Dad around for 1 hour
  • A game rental of your choice (age appropriate)
  • A DVD rental and snacks of your choice for family movie night (age appropriate)

    I just need a suitable box now. I’ll put an item in at night after the kids have gone to bed.


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