Meal Planning Monday – 31 October

Wow, will someone please tell me how it’s November already? I am so happy I discovered Pinterest and Mrs M’s linky. I get so much inspiration from both and cooking is once again (mostly) an organised pleasure.

This week’s menu is:

fridge fried rice 
orange chicken
chicken pie 

It should be an easy week cooking wise, as I had a burst of kitchen mojo on Thurs and prepared most of these after doing the shopping. The sausage casserole is cooked and frozen, as is the stroganoff. The chicken pie filling is alredy in the freezer from last week, and the pineapple chicken has been prepared, bagged and frozen, ready to tip into the slow cooker 4-6 hours before dinner. (I know. I am impressed with myself as well). I also have enough pineapple chicken, sausage casserole and stroganoff to freeze for meals for another week, so don’t be surprised to see these on the menu again. 

Last week’s menu was a success. Only the spinach stuffed chicken breasts didn’t get made, because I didn’t have the chicken I thought I had. I also only made the plum cake (basically chopped up plums topped with sponge cake mixture and baked) as things just aren’t getting eaten as quickly in my house lately. I am sure it’s nothing at all to do with me back on my diet wagon.

The lemon burst biscuits were not a success. I did a bit of research and found that whipped cream can be used as a substitute for Cool Whip, but not when heated as it just turned into a puddle. The biscuits, though tasty, were flat. I guess Cool Whip has lots more stabilers in it.

For more menu’s check out the linky at Mrs M’s place.


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