Meal Planning Monday – 20 February 2012

Last week I didn’t post a menu plan because, quite frankly, I couldn’t be bothered planning one. I was struck by a strong wave of apathy and as a result our meals were a mixed bag of nothing to write home about.

This week my apathy has been replaced by a of guilt about how restricted I’ve allowed my kids diets to become. Their evening meals really are quite limited, so this week is about getting them to eat better. I’ve asked for their input in the meal plan and this is what we’ve come up with.

Fajita wraps, with them making the wrap if we have time.
Homemade chicken nuggets
Spaghetti bolognaise with hidden vegetables
Battered fish, chips and peas
pastry pinwheels – with ham and um… ham? (they don’t like cheese)
Honey soy chicken with rice
Toad in the Hole
And as treats:
There aren’t any recipes for these. I make my fish batter using fizzy mineral water or beer.
If you like this menu then share it around. Be sure to check out Mrs M’s linky for more inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 20 February 2012

  1. I'm with you on the variety for the kids. Mine singularly don't eat too badly, but to provide meals for them both is hideous. They both like different things to the other, I'm dreading September when I have them both home for lunch every day!!!

  2. The staples for mine are pasta (no sauce), fish fingers, chicken nuggets, eggs(no yolk), toast, sausages, baked beans, carrot (raw for one, cooked for the other), peas and sweetcorn 😦 It's quite limited and I know I have been lazy about it – but not this week!

  3. I am sure you're right Fay, but it's a bit of a rod for my own back letting them develop such fussy habits. I have been going with the “3 bites” deal and it is working well so far. They've discovered they like bolognaise sauce on garlic bread, but not pasta… go figure.

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