Slimpod – Week 2

Week 2 of You’re Sweet Enough

Halfway through week 2 I weighed myself to find I’d lost 2lbs. I was very happy. Unfortunately weighing myself today – 5 days later – I seem to have regained it. I think I will leave the scales for another fortnight. I have taken a detailed series of measurements and will revisit these in a fortnight as well.

My goals last week were to do 3 x 5km and work out what my motivation for losing weight was. I only managed 2 x 5km, but I really pushed myself harder than I have done in weeks, achieving a satisfying if unattractive shade of puce. As for my motivation… that seems to be the pleasure in seeing the scales and inches drop. I realised this when the scales showed a loss and I had a real leap of elation. That’s what I am going to focus on to help when making choices.

Good things this week:

  1. reignited my motivation
  2. am eating noticeably less sweet things, and feeling satisfied with less – sometimes even half a biscuit (it’s a very strange thing)
  3. I feel really positive and more focused again.

This week’s goals are to do a 3rd exercise session, even if it’s not a 5km, and to try and get my 5km time down. I’m 2 minutes off my personal best at the moment. Oh, and drink more water- a glass before every meal and before a cup of tea or coffee.

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