Meal Planning Monday – 12 March 2012

Normally I plan my meals and then shop accordingly, but this week is back to front. I ran out of time and had to do the shopping before I faced mutiny, so I chose things I could vaguely plan with. It was late on Thursday night and I was hungry, so this week could be a little hit and miss.
Chicken stir fry with spinach, bamboo shoots and rice noodles
Jerk gammon (in the slow cooker like I’d do pork)
Mozzarella and pesto chicken (I didn’t get to do it last week)
Turkey meatloaf with chips
Chicken curry (from freezer)
Battered fish, peas and chips
Leftovers or something simple

I was really busy last week so didn’t cook as I had planned. Mainly becuase I kept forgetting to prepare anything in advance and then it was too late.
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4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 12 March 2012

  1. Unfortunately I love mozzarella so much I keep having it on toast for lunch (with pesto – very tasty). I have bought it 3 times in the past 2 weeks, and still haven't managed to make this dish!

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