Random Likings for your funny bone

Here are some of the things that have made me laugh this week

  1. Your e-cards. One of my favourite sites of seemingly endless things I would have thought myself if only I was that witty. Here are some recent favourites
2. Karl Lagerfeld waxwork.
 Karl Lagerfeld
No, I couldn’t tell the difference either 
 3. Cheryl Cole’s stylist has the best sense of humour I have seen in a long time. 
4. Funny test answers from children are usually even funnier because they are unintentional (kind of like Cheryl Cole’s stylist’s humour)
Happy Place is full of things that make me laugh. Make sure you check out the Facebook Drama Queen comments. You’ll feel so normal, you’ll want to cry (then update your status specifying the number of tears and how upset you are at your relief that you make your mascara run)
5. 100 of the Best Movie Insults. You’ll never be stuck for words again, though you may be stuck for friends (in which case, update Facebook as per number 4.)

ETA: I had to add this one of Chezza from today

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