Sew Fabulous

Check me out! I got crafty and made some bunting and a taggie blanket for a friend’s new baby. I have made a few taggie blankets, and will add a teething ring that can be detached so the blanket can be washed. I have never made bunting before and it was as easy as it looks. I found some sweet floral bias binding and the pink triangles have small dots. This took about 2 hours work.


I didn’t use instructions for either of these, I just kind of winged it, but if you want some then Melissa Sews has a great tutorial for a ribbon tag blanket here, and instructions and template for bunting at SeamStar. I am sure there are also plenty on Pinterest.

The one thing I will say about the bunting is to lay the flags out from the middle. I wanted 7 flags for this, so I found the middle of one flag and the middle of the bias binding and worked my way out from there, leaving 3 inches (7.5cm) between each corner of the flags.


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