Meal Planning Monday – 16 Jul 2012

Hey there! I have missed a few weeks of meal planning, and suffered the consequences, but I am back this week with a menu I am looking forward to cooking and eating.

Fridge fried rice
That is all I need this week as we have a couple of meals out planned. If you click through to the recipes you will see, with the exception of the fried rice, that they all come from a fabulous blog called Rock Recipes. It’s a Canadian food blog I discovered through Pinterest (of course!) and everything sounded so nice I decided not to look any further. 
As always, don’t forget to check at Mrs M’s blog for more Meal Planning Monday posts. 
Bon Appetit!

8 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 16 Jul 2012

  1. @kitchenprincess I have followed you on Pinterest now (WhoopAss). I suspect I will be using your boards for inspiration for future Meal Planning Mondays. You definitely have some nice things Pinned.

  2. Give them a go Darren, and tell me what you think. I am planning on serving mine with plain buns and a salad of beetroot, cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach. It's not possible to have a decent burger without beetroot in my book, but I am Australian – they come with cheese, pineapple, egg and beetroot as standard!

  3. I ended up using some Keens Mustard Powder instead of paprika in the burgers. They were lovely. All mince and no crap filling like ready-made burger patties.

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