Random Likings

From http://iwastesomuchtime.com

2. Felt Acorns
How sweet are these acorns! I still get a thrill when I find acorns on the ground, or even just their little hats, but these are possibly even better (though they would almost certainly get lost in my house). Have a look at the other beautiful items from lil fish studios at Maya Made, or check out Etsy.

From lil fish studios via Maya Made

3. Flea Market Style
I love the look of Flea Market Style magazine but since I am on a budget will have to make do with the website for now (they do ship internationally if you’re interested). It’s definitely worth checking out.

4. Make Your Own Nail Decals
This is a DIY with a difference. My nails never look groomed. It doesn’t matter how carefully I apply my nail polish, it always chips within days and look rubbish. But this… this I might be able to achieve. There’s a full tutorial at Spektor’s Nails.

Picture via Spektor’s Nails

5. Velcro Masks
I have searched for a website for Velcro Kids, as apparently they do a range of Velcro playsets and things like cardboard play houses, but I can’t find an actual site for them. Let me know if you know if you have seen anything in your travels. You can buy these at Play.com


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