Random Likings

Primark press on nails. 
I know I liked nails last week but these are cheap and idiot-proof about my level of expertise so I like them a lot. 24 nails plus glue for £1 is a bargain in anyone’s book and they don’t ping off the minute you start doing anything more energetic than admire them, the way some press-on nails do.


    LEGO Series 8 Minifigures and movies

    If I went back and had a look I’d probably find LEGO Minifigures make it on here every time there is a new series released. 5 year old has gone off LEGO but 10 year old still as keen as mustard so it’s a hotly anticipated event in our household. These came out on 1 September but only for sale in LEGO shops at the moment. Hopefully they’ll be more widely available this week because I don’t think I can bear the excitement.

    If you’re as big a fan as my eldest, here is a movie for your entertainment

    You love Pinterest, now love Pinstrosity. Along the lines of Cake Wrecks, it’s the perfect site to help you feel a little more human after looking at some of the Martha Stewartastic efforts on Pinterest. 
    Pinterest project that have gone wrong. Hilarious.

    ETA: Polly at Polymnia has just pointed me in the direction of Regretsy and I’ve just had a good chuckle.

    Post Pals
    I discovered this organisation via Alice Pyne last week (if you haven’t heard of Alice, she’s an inspiration. Start with her bucket list here). Post Pals is a great way of supporting sick kids and their families in the most simple way possible – just by reaching out and saying hello. It couldn’t be easier and it doesn’t have to cost anything so why not give it a go today.


    I adore blackberry picking. Seriously, it’s one of my greatest pleasures. I love that it’s free, I love that the kids eat them right off the bush and get plenty of vitamin C, and probably that bit of protein if they don’t check for bugs, and I love that it is so short lived. Given that the best blackberry bushes are found off the beaten track, it’s normally a quiet and peaceful pastime somewhere with lovely views. I don’t mind the scratches and nettle stings (I still haven’t managed to completely recognise them despite having lived in the UK for more than 14 years) because the bounty is worth it.


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