Oaty Blackberry Pudding

That’s a bit of a strange name but I am not really used to writing down the recipes I make. I tend to keep them in my head filed under “PMS”, “random bar of dark chocolate” or “too much SR flour cluttering up the pantry” which is probably why they rarely turn out the same way twice. This one was delicious so I wanted to save it for next time I felt like a good stodgy pudding. 

Last week I asked on Twitter for a recipe to use with plums I had picked. The lovely Kate sent me a link to Delia’s plum and cinnamon oat slices. Unfortunately when I wanted to bake something similar tonight with blackberries picked yesterday I couldn’t be arsed was unable to reach my computer so I made up this loosely based on a recipe I use for ANZAC biscuits (well, they’ve both got oats in them).

1C porridge/rolled oats
1C SR flour
2/3C sugar (light brown is nice, but whatever you have to hand)
3/4C ground almonds
125g butter
2T golden syrup
1 egg
1tsp cinnamon

Melt golden syrup and butter together. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Put half of mixture in a well greased and lined baking dish or tin and smooth out. Sprinkle around 250g clean blackberries. Make sure they’re evenly distributed and push into the batter slightly. Cover the berries with the other half of the batter and back 180C / Gas Mark 4 for around 25 mins until the batter bit is cooked. 

I served them warm with a bit of pouring cream and it was lovely, if somewhat filling. I reckon it could easily be adapted for the slow cooker if you were so inclined. 
This is what it looked like coming out of the oven. I totally forgot to take a pic when it was sliced up, but it is all kind of squidgy and berry yummy-ness, trust me.


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