Meal Planning Monday – 1 October 2012

Happy Monday and welcome to October. Mmm… October. You know what that means. Extra layers, cosy food and plenty of root veg in season. Eat the Season is great if you want to meal plan by what is fresh and good at the moment. 

This week I’m making

Waitrose Creamy Gammon and Veg Pie (will blog this later in the week)
Frittata (I think my eggs are multiplying)
I’ve also got to bake some biccies for the kids lunchboxes. Last week’s digestives destined for the s’mores cookies got eaten before I could use them for their intended purpose, so I might do some rocky-road style ones with the marshmallows and choc-chips I have left over.
Remember to check out Mrs M’s linky for more Meal Planning Monday posts and let me know if you’ve had any successes or failures recently.

7 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 1 October 2012

  1. I am not sure how the Thai bit will go with the naan bit, but I am willing to give it a go because pretty much any chicken/cheese combination gets my vote.

  2. Not sure why it was “uptown” but I did my own abridged version last night with fewer spices and sundried tomato paste mixed in with the meat and it was a nice variation on my normal recipe. Even the kids ate it and they've got a suspicion of fresh herbs (like I'm trying to get more veg into them covertly).

  3. The bacon wrapped apple chicken was gorgeous. I was too late to get it in the slow cooker so I did it in the oven for an hour, used lime instead of lemon juice, and served it with spinach and chips. I used Asda's Maple BBQ sauce because it was on offer when I did the shopping. It'll be a regular, I am sure.

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