It’s Movember! All Things Moustache

Welcome to Movember! Are you cultivating luxuriant facial hair or supporting someone who is (I am doing the latter – just thought I’d point that out in case you thought I had ‘tache envy. In honour of all the men growing mos a- nd the women who have to put up with them – feast your eyes on these moustache related goodies.

1. Zap! Stick on moustaches (£3 at Wilkinson – currently OOS online).
 I have bought a packet of these for each of the boy’s stockings, but have had to hide them in the loft so I won’t be tempted to use them myself before Christmas)

2. Moustache Doormat – £19.95 from Dotcomgiftshop. They have a lighter version for £25.

3. Debenhams Moustache Mug – £7

4. Moustache Dummy – £4.95 at RED5 Gadgets

 5. Fingerstache – £2.25 for 24 tattoos (inc. postage) on eBay
Ok, I *may* have bought some of these as well…I never knew I had a thing for fake moustaches until now!

6. Moustache Straws – £4.99 for 5 at I Want One Of Those
You could do these yourself with cardboard for a party.


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