Christmas Starts Here

Here is my perfect November weekend. All the December mags I like, some hot chocolate and Jilly Cooper’s How to Survive Christmas. My copy is battered and in danger of losing pages but it’s been an annual staple of my Christmas preparations since I bought it at a jumble for 55p about ten years ago. It doesn’t matter that my life is nothing like the O’Agas – the family in her book. I just love Jilly Cooper and Jilly Cooper doing Christmas is like, well… Christmas!

I make sure the house is quiet, make a mug of hot choc with the trimmings, and settle down to escape the clutter of my house into the pages of someone else’s styled home with tables laden with gorgeous food, their glitzy sparkly party dresses and the pages of cute prezzies I always mean to track down but never quite get around to. For me, Christmas doesn’t start with shopping it starts with this and it’s one of my favourite traditions.

When does the whole festive season start for you? Do you have a routine like mine, maybe with cook books or writing lists? Let me know by leaving a comment because I’d love to hear.

PS: I’d just like to point out that is a shaggy rug (and very good for hiding spills by messy kids) and not shagpile carpet!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Starts Here

  1. Ooooh I love Christmas magazines! The only time I buy mags like Good Housekeeping is at Christmas because they are full of lovely recipes and other festive ideas. I'm trying to buy one mag per week so I won't go through them all too early.

    My annual tradition is that I start watching certain xmas films in October, like The Holiday or Love Actually… I can watch them up to 10 times before xmas eve *blush*

  2. I have a subscription to Country Living but the rest of them are my Christmas treat. I can't believe I haven't watched any films yet! The Holiday and Love Actually are also favourites of mine 🙂 I also love watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers films at Christmas

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