Family Things To Do in 2013

This is NOT my family – we are not this good looking and I don’t think anyone really looks this happy on a family outing

This is my 2013 list of family outings I would like to do. I am very good at seeing things that thinking “oh, that sounds great!” then forgetting about it completely so I am writing things down here and will try to remember to update it with details of what we have done as well as adding things when I think of them so I don’t forget this year.

Here is what I have so far

  1. Another trip to Folly Farm. It rained biblical amounts when we went in December and though we had a great time, we didn’t see any animals or get to play outside.
  2. Horse riding with the youngest. I have found a place near us and will book this soon
  3. Techniquest in Cardiff Bay – youngest and I have a season ticket so I definitely want to get there a few times over the year.
  4. The Great Western LEGO exhibition in Swindon in October
  5. family bike ride. Youngest is off his stabilisers so now we can all ride together – hooray!
  6. family holiday to the Lake District and Scotland in summer. We’ve been talking about this for a few years but haven’t actually got around to organising it but watch out Scotland, because 2013 is the year we visit!
  7. holiday in the sun, if funds allow and if summer is rubbish again this year. I think I may be developing webbed feet
  8. ice skating – oldest loved it when we went last year but despite having Planet Ice in Cardiff and the best intentions, we haven’t actually gone again
  9. Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset – the one on the Isle of Wight was a real hit last year, so will try this one closer to home
  10. holiday at Coombe Mill
  11. Disneyland Paris is a possibility if the price is right (is it ever?)
  12. Doctor Who Experience
  13. Legoland Windsor, maybe even in the Legoland hotel this time because it looks awesome!
  14. The Harry Potter Studio Tour at Warner Bros
  15. St Werburghs City Farm in Bristol
  16. Bead Shop, 21A Towers St, Covent Garden, WC2H 9NS
  17. Fortingall Yew
  18. Roald Dahl Museum
  19. Cheddar Bikefest
  20. Bristol Slapstick Silent Comedy Festival (gutted just missed this. Will have to be 2014 now)
  21. Bristol Balloon Fiesta
  22. Snowdon
  23. Thames Foreshore Dig in London
  24. Caerphilly Castle on a re-inactment day
  25. Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh
  26. Big Pit, Blaenavon
  27. Barrafundle Bay
  28. Portmerion
  29. Wales Wetland National Mud Festival
  30. Loch Ness
  31. Culloden
  32. National Museum of Scotland
  33. Cadbury World
  34. Pontefract Liquorice Festival
  35. Woodland Skills (maybe just for the boys)
  36. Bath Pump Rooms
  37. Singleton Boating Lake
  38. Fossil Finding
  39. Dawn Chorus event
  40. Venture Playground Wrexham
  41. Pick Your Own (bit of a cheat, we usually do this a couple of times a year)
  42. Low Sizergh Farm Kendall
  43. Gloucester

Leave me a comment if you have any other suggestions, especially if they’re in South Wales or the South West.

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2 thoughts on “Family Things To Do in 2013

  1. Good to know the the tank museum is worth a visit and I definitely want to get at least a long weekend at Coombe Mill this year. It's been on my radar for a while now. I think the kids would love it and if they're happy and occupied then we're happy and able to relax šŸ™‚

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