Meal Planning Monday – 21 January 2013

I thought this week’s meal plan might be a little, um, egg-based but thankfully the snow seems to have done it’s worst and I was able to get to the supermarket yesterday to stock up on essentials like wine and fruit, so we don’t all get scurvy (does scurvy still exist? I think that would be taking my youngest son’s love of all things pirate a little too far)

Slow cooker pork stroganoff
Meatloaf with wilted spinach, cauliflower, carrots and new potatoes
Slow cooker beef and vegetable casserole
Chicken and crunchy veg stir fry with egg noodles
Honey lime chicken with basmati rice
Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza (because I have Alfredo sauce in the fridge and how good does this look!)


I am most looking forward to the pizza because it just looks like the best combination of all that is bad for you and chicken pizzas are my favourite. I am saving this one for after a fast day – yum, yum! I made the condensed milk cupcakes but didn’t get around to making the cinnamon roll one. I think I’ll do it tonight because it’s really, really good.

Editing this because I have just made the cake and it’s even better now I’ve adjusted the recipe a little (original recipe too greasy for me, so I halved the butter used in the topping and now it’s perfect!)

Remember to check out Mrs M for more Meal Planning Monday links. Thanks for all your comments last week. I love hearing from others and reading your blogs about food.
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