Meal Planning Monday – 28 January 2013

Woo hoo, check it out – Monday again! That means the weekend’s almost here, right? Actually I don’t want to wish my week away because I have my fingers firmly crossed the kids will be in school for ALL FIVE DAYS (yes snow, I’m talking to you!) and I can do exciting things like finish a cup of tea in peace.

The most exciting news this week is that I have created a shared board for putting tried and tested family favourites to aid in weekly meal planning. You can follow it here and if you want to be able to Pin your favourite recipes to to it just leave me a message on one of the more recent pins, or add your Pinterest name in the comments here and I will send you an invite.

So, onto the good stuff. Only 5 meals to plan this week so I am going with

Boursin chicken with wilted spinach, carrots and new potatoes
Fridge frittata
to use up some goat’s cheese, fresh herbs and other bits
Double crunch honey garlic pork chops
 (only had these a fortnight ago but they are so tasty and have been requested)
Roast Chicken 
with all the trimmings, and Yorkshire pud
Chicken and vegetable pie 
which will probably turn into stew with dumplings since I have no pastry in the freezer and probably will forget I need to make it until it’s too late.
Don’t forget about the new board – leave your Pinterest name below if you want to join in the fun. Remember to check out Mrs M for more Meal Planning Monday inspiration.
If you like this, why not stay up to date easily by following via Google or bloglovin’, and thanks for reading! 

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