A Wet Weekend in Tenby

Last weekend’s trip to Tenby was cold but fun. And cold. But mainly fun, while being a bit cold. We warmed up while playing a game of footy on the beach during which the rules kept changing and fair play was considered by all parties before being discarded in view of good old fashioned cheating. We’re nothing if not competitive in our family.

I did say it was cold…
…but the benefit is no crowds
Very disappointed to learn it no longer fires
A romantic gesture…
…hijacked by the kids
Filling up at The Bay Tree. Definitely recommend their Sunday lunch
amazing passers by with our incredible ball skills
Pendine Sands is truly massive
… especially when you have to chase the ball

Check out more outdoor horseplay on the Coombe Mille Country Kids Linky


3 thoughts on “A Wet Weekend in Tenby

  1. We took The Boy to Tenby Sands when he was a lot younger and it was a gorgeous beach, although slightly polluted in places. Possibly time for another trip there this Summer.

    Nipping over from Country Kids.

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