Meal Planning Monday – 11 March 2013

Whoops, I missed a week there, didn’t I? I didn’t feel like meal planning last week, but I can be rebellious like that sometimes. Rock ‘n’ roll. This week’s plan is full of cheap healthy food because I spent the weekend in Paris eating mainly meat, cream and cakes. It was an amazing few days that involved things like this…

…and this

… and a little bit of this

This week we’re having:

Slow cooker soft tacos with Quorn mince and quinoa (nicer than it sounds)
Pea and ham soup
Pot roast beef with all the trimmings
Quorn and crunchy veg stir fry
Quorn mince cottage pie with cauliflower and butternut mash
Spinach soup or risotto, depending on how I feel
The avoidance of meat and fatty foods is a deliberated attempt to give my digestive system a break. 
For more meal planning posts click on the picture at the top and go to Mrs M’s linky.
Have a great week. 

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