Meal Planning Monday – 25 March 2013

Welcome to another Monday. I actually have my shit together this week, doubly impressive since it is school holidays here and we’ve started with one stomach bug (5 year old) and a packed schedule that hasn’t allowed sufficient time for sleep (10 year old). Let’s hope things calm down soon!

This week we are eating:

roasted chicken breast with garlic mushrooms
beef casserole and dumplings
pork schnitzel and ratatouille
brekkie for dinner (or brinner, as I’ve seen it called)
baked fajitas
I have no plans to bake this week. In preparation for Sunday’s choc-fest and next week’s visit to Cadbury’s World I aim to fill the kids with as much fruit and veg as I can. 
If you’re looking for more inspiration check out Mrs M’s linky and don’t forget the Shared Family Favourites Pinterest board. Just leave me a message if you want to be able to contribute.
Have a sensational week everyone, and Happy Easter!

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