My Feelgood Post

After my earlier whinge and moan I was determined to sort my rubbish mood out and get back into my happy, appreciative groove again. I read the other #R2BC posts from this week’s blog hop and started looking for nice stories. Do you know what, it’s so heartwarming that I didn’t have to look far at all.

How about this London Marathon Proposal?

She said “yes” Congratulations!

And speaking of the London Marathon, there have been reports that the turnout this year was one of the largest ever, with runners and spectators showing support for those killed and injured in Boston last week.

John and Shoep

Do you remember this picture of John and his dog, Shoep? It showed John supporting his old friend in the water as it was the only way to ease the dog’s arthritis enough for him to sleep. I found their official Facebook page that shows Shoep is doing well. There is also an official website that gives more information. So much money was donated as a result of this photo and the sentiment behind it that Shoep is pretty much guaranteed the best doggy healthcare for the rest of his life. A non-profit foundation (Schoep’s Legacy Foundation) has also been set up to improve animal and human welfare. Nice!

Dogs are so loving, as this touching story from the Huffington Post shows. These ones have been showing people affected by the Boston Marathon bombings their own brand of doggy comfort.

Finally, nothing fails to warm me right down to my toes like laughing babies.


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