Meal Planning Monday – 2 September 2013 (The Slow Cooker Special)

It’s the Slow Cooker Special on my Meal Planning Monday post today. School goes back tomorrow, the nights will start to draw in, and I will once again be reliant on my trusty slow cooker at least two or three nights a week to get a hot and tasty meal on the table. I actually tried to replace my slow cooker with a pressure cooker this summer. I got as far as buying one from Aldi only to get it home and find it was a) ENORMOUS and wouldn’t fit in my cupboard, and b) without sufficient instructions for anyone other than a Pressure Cooker Whisperer to be able to use it, so back it went. I am still tempted to get a pressure cooker but only when I can find one at the right price (ie: cheap as chips).

I am not going to pretend that I will be cooking all these meals this week. Tonight’s dinner is pork with a glaze made from soy, honey, grainy mustard and crushed garlic and it smells gorgeous, but I haven’t actually planned my menu or shopping for the rest of the week so I am going to skirt the issue and share some of my favourite slow cooker recipes.

Pulled Pork (pork shoulder with a jar or Reggae Reggae or homemade BBQ sauce)
Beef & mushroom either stew or pie filling
Beef, winter veg hotpot
I also just do pot roasts where I chuck in a chicken or joint of meet, add some onion and stock and let it cook. 
There are lots of things I would like to try in my slow cooker including cake and risotto, so I may include them when I actually do get around to doing my meal plan. 
Do you love your slow cooker as much as me, or is it something that just gathers dust in your cupboard? Add a comment with any recipes you think I should try.
Remember to head on over to Mrs M’s for more Meal Planning Monday inspiration.


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