Meal Planning Monday – 23 September 2013

Hello and welcome to a brand new week! I have spend the weekend working at the Abergavenny Food Festival (I will blog about how fantastic it was later this week) so am full of foodie inspiration and raring to go. I hope you all has an equally amazing weekend with lots of late spring sunshine.

This week I am cooking

Chicken and Pancetta with wilted spinach.
Garlic mushrooms and roasted autumn veg.
Slow cooked beef in ale with with garlic bread topper & you guessed it – more spinach. I love it.
Fridge frittata. I have tail ends of veggies and probably left over pancetta that needs using up.
Slow braised pork shoulder with cider and parsnips (BBC Recipe)
Carrot and lentil soup with homemade bread rolls. Suspect I will be the only one eating this!

Edited to add:
Look at this morning’s breakfast. I got heaps of late season blackberries on the weekend and some of them went into my breakfast smoothie. How awesome is this colour!

That’s it from me. Remember to hop over to Mrs M’s linkup for more Meal Planning Monday inspiration. There are loads of new recipes to be found.

Have a great week.


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