Random Likings

It’s been a while since I posted about anything that wasn’t food related! Get stuck into the latest things that have been keeping me distracted and helping me procrastinate so efficiently.

1. Keycals
I am so tempted to get some of these. Given the amount of time I spend at my keyboard they would brighten up my day. Or drive me crazy, I can’t decide. You can get them online at Kidecals

2. Surprise Cupcake Tin
I can only find one stockist of this surprise filling cupcake tin, and that’s Amazon. It’s so cool! your filling (Rolo, chocolate, even a miniature truffle or something) on the stick, spoon or pipe in your batter then bake! The Pink Apron Blog did a great post on her results and they look pretty tasty.

3. The story behind the lunch on top of a skyscraper photo.
While my youngest was reading to me (Superdog – one of the Floppy, Biff, Chipper ones) he asked what a steel girder was. I immediately thought of this photo and found this article from the Smithsonian Mag while looking for a picture to show him. There is a lot of info about the reasons and people behind the photo that will make you look at it differently next time you see it.

4. What Jew Wanna Eat
You know me, I love a good recipe and What Jew Wanna Eat is my new favourite blog to peruse. I haven’t yet made anything from there but it won’t be long.


5. Family Arts Festival
I was really excited to read about the Family Arts Festival which is running nationwide from 18 October until 3 November. There is a broad range of activities around the UK. I was amazed to see exactly how much was going on! Check it out and see what’s on in your neck of the woods.



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