Meal Planning Monday – 14 October 2013

I’m writing this Meal Planning blog post whilst eating Nutella from a spoon (no bread) and drinking black coffee (no milk) and wondering where the plague of hungry hoards which clean my pantry out on a regular basis are hiding, for surely it can’t be the two skinny kids sitting in front of me. There’s no way they could put away two bowls a cereal (each) for breakfast, is there?

This week’s dinners are pretty easy as my freezer is fairly full of leftovers. I’m doing

Beef Stew with Herb Dumplings
Slow Cooker Pork in Cider with potatoes and veg
 Fish in Batter with peas and chips
Breakfast for dinner
Chicken and Mushroom Pie
Leftovers/eggs/fish fingers/whatever
I am going to give these Brownie Cookies a go if I get time. They’re from Pure and Yummy 
… otherwise I’ll just bake my standard chocolate cake or ANZAC biscuits because they take virtually no effort and are always eaten. I used wholemeal SR flour in my chocolate cake the other day and no one noticed, so I’ll be doing that again. 
Remember to link up with Mrs M’s linky for lots of fab Meal Planning Monday inspiration.


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