Meal Planning Monday – The Sainsbury’s Magazine Edition

This week’s meal plan is mainly brought to you by Sainsbury’s Magazine – not because they’re paying me (I wish!) but because a) I have a seeming truck-load of pumpkin to use and b) I took the November copy of the Sainsbury’s Magazine away with me this weekend and there are lots of nice recipes in there I want to try.

Double Bubble Sweet Potato Gratin and gammon (with pumpkin instead of sweet potato)
Chicken with coriander yoghurt chutney
Spaghetti Bolognese
Baked rice with Ham, Peas & Stilton (’cause fussy husband won’t eat macaroni)
 Pumpkin Soup with Tomato, Corn and Coriander Salsa

If there is any pumpkin left over I will try this Autumn Pumpkin Chutney or possibly just cook and puree them to make into soup at a later date.

If you have a favourite pumpkin recipe why not post a link to it in the comments section or add it to the Shared Family Favourites board on Pinterest (just add a comment below letting me know your Pinterest ID if you don’t already have permission to pin to this board)

Don’t forget to check out more Meal Planning Monday inspiration at Mrs M’s


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