National Trust 50 Things for 2014

50 things

The National Trust 50 Things to Do Before You’re 11 & 3/4 list is the perfect place for parents who want to do more with their kids but are feeling uninspired. With so many options there’s always something to suit your mood/age/weather/budget/location. We made the most of the free activities on offer at Tredegar House (a NT property in Newport) in the 2013 summer holidays. Well, the kids made the most of the activities and I made the most of the cafe and a peaceful hour or two.

Check out the website for the ability to register your child. You can keep track of all the activities you’ve done online and unlock games and other goodies as a reward, or download and print off a list to tick them off as you go. My 11 year old has completed virtually all of them, however my 6 year old has only ticked off about a quarter so there is plenty there to keep him busy. Plan a holiday or a day out around and activity or just do the ones close to home.

As well as providing the list, the National Trust have YouTube videos to help get you started. They’re virtually all free and simple and will encourage children to explore their actual surroundings rather than merely their Minecraft ones.

Here are some of my pics:
22. Explore inside a tree 
4. Build a den 

28. Climb a huge hill – you can’t even see the summit from here!

14. Dam a stream

1. Climb a tree

…maybe not

23. Visit a farm
15. Play in the snow
I’ve never had a problem letting my boys get stuck in, no matter how dirty they may get, but I have spoken with some parents over the years who have been reluctant to give their children the same freedom. If you’re worried about their clothing or the washing I’ve found waterproof trousers to be invaluable. They’re all over eBay and if you don’t by the fleecy ones then they can be worn all year round.


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