Testing …1….2…1…2.

Hello! Is the mike on? It’s been a while so you may all well have sodded off to other blogs more regularly updated with interesting titbits (whoops! That actually came out as titty bits in the first draft) but thank you for those who have checked back in every now and then to see what words of wisdom chocolate cake recipes and pictures of my latest crush I have uploaded. I have barely blogged here all year, bar the odd Meal Planning Monday post, and I bet you’re simply dying to know what I have been up to. Well, since 1 January I have:

* started working as a classroom assistant in a secondary school and amazed myself by liking it as much as I do. It’s only until the end of July, but it’s been an enjoyable eye-opener. Never doubt that most teachers work bloody hard for their money.
* started a new blog about making the most of your time then (ironically) had to shelve it because I simply don’t have enough hours in the day
* found a few new writing clients who have kept me happily busy writing about gorgeous wedding-y, food-y, and family type topics
* taken on the role of Food Academy Co-ordinator at the Abergavenny Food Festival
* discovered a strong affection for heavy metal of the weight lifting variety, and have the shoes to prove it
* lifted 100kg like a mofo
* developed an inappropriate habit of using out of date ghetto slang
* got the gist of football terminology so I don’t embarrass myself by cheering at the wrong point during my son’s matches
* turned 40 and lived to tell the tale
* maintained a loving relationship with Saturday morning bacon sarnies
* kicked Richard Armitage and Michael Fassbender to the curb in preference for Chris Evans (aka Captain America, not Radio 2, just so we’re clear)

There are several things on that list which have taken me quite a way out of my comfort zone but, apart from a little trepidation, have just made me really excited.

Here are some pics of 2014 so far:

What have you been up to?


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