Cool toys and gifts for Babies and Kids

While I’m very happy that my family is complete, it doesn’t stop me lusting after stylish clothes and toys for babies and young children. Take the kids collection at Tucci Brown, for example. I spent ages browsing their gorgeous catalogue, dreaming of a Christmas where some fictitious children with better taste than mine opened Pinterest-worthy wrapping (carefully, appreciating my creative efforts) with sincere delight at the contents, such as the gingham washi tape they’d use to create pesonalised stationery for their thoughtfully written thank you notes; or this doll house kit.

Makedo Dollhouse Craft Kit $17.95 from


If you make your own purees or yoghurts, you’ll love these Sinchies from Sister Mixin. The reusable food pouches are ideal for transporting home made food – perfect if you like to know exactly what your child is eating and don’t want to spend a fortune while you’re out. The site is Australian and doesn’t ship to the UK, but I have seen a site on eBay that ships abroad.

Sinchies reusable food pouches come in a variety of sizes at


I can’t get excited about the new (or any) Godzilla film, but at £8 these slippers from John Lewis are cheaper than a movie ticket and much better value. It’s a shame they don’t do them in adult sizes.

John Lewis slippers £8


I am one of over 407,000 Instagram followers of Fashion by Mayhem’s marvellous creations. If you haven’t seen her yet you must check her out on Instagram or her website. A little girl and her mum make the most incredible dresses out of paper, but that’s only half of it because Mayhem (not her real name) is a natural in front of the camera. Every image is a joy to behold whether you’re admiring the creativity in her dresses or her untamed joie de vie.


Who says you have to be a kid to enjoy a pair of custom designed Converse? I am a huge fan of the sneakers and love that you can now have them made in any colour combo you like. My boys would love these Brazilian flag Converse Chuck Taylor All Star hi-tops. I haven’t seen them in the UK yet, but they’re $37 plus shipping from the US, which is a good price.

Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops


If you’ve seen something recently that caught your eye, post a link below. You know I’m always after more shiny things to distract me from what I should be doing!


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