Kitchen SOS

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, mine needs a quadruple bypass. It’s in cardiac arrest – not entirely stuck in the 1990s, but certainly not the kitchen of my heart’s desire. To show you what I mean, these pictures were taken this morning. This is slightly messier than normal but certainly not atypical. You can see that it functions as more than merely a space for food preparation and storage, but a work space and laundry as well. An added bonus is the Frosties my son left sprinkled all over the floor after getting his breakfast. This picture was taken after he had “cleaned up”, and before I vacuumed.



My kitchen is a galley style. The great thing is that there is plenty of storage and bench space. Unfortunately, the rest of my house has very little storage, so several of the cupboards are given over to other things. There’s no space to sit and eat. We found out when we replaced the counter tops in December (they were a horrible dark brown laminate before) that the kitchen has been “customised” (aka: bodged) by the previous owner to be narrower than standard, in order to make a wider walkway.

A Dishwasher Strengthened My Marriage

Apart from my new counter tops (which we had been planning to put in since we bought the house a decade ago) the favourite part of my kitchen is my dishwasher. I vaguely remember washing dishes by hand as a child, but we got our first dishwasher when I was about 7 and there’s just no looking back. My husband was converted when we moved into a house with one in our first year together. I have always said that it, along with our Sat Nav, has been if not a marriage saver, then definitely a marital helper.

The Fairy Platinum “My Kitchen Story” linky challenge is about celebrating “our family’s style”. I’d love to say that my kitchen in its current state is no reflection of our style, but it’s actually a pretty good representation. I’ve decided to use the challenge to put together my dream kitchen instead.

Dream Kitchen

Like many people, Ikea is a source of inspiration when it comes to home decor and storage. This combination would make me happier than Nigella with a spoon in front of a fridge full of chocolate mousse. White is so practical for a kitchen. Not only is it lovely and light (with these shiny surfaces reflecting even more light), spills and stains can be bleached into oblivion. This kitchen also appeals for its plentiful storage and effective additions of colour. The open plan is perfect for the way I’d like to live, though I suspect I would miss the ability to “escape” into the kitchen while the kids were watching something loud and annoying on telly.

Ikea Metod/Veddinge/Maximera KITCHEN £2875 without appliances or kitchen island

My dream kitchen wouldn’t be complete without one of these:

Kenwood KMM025 Major Titanium Stand Mixer, Gloss White £499.95 from John Lewis


Fisher & Paykel RF540ADUSX4 Goliath 3-Door Fridge Freezer £1,999 at John Lewis


Royal Doulton Fable Dessert Plates, Set of 4 £28 from John Lewis

Jersey Pottery Sardine Run Mug £11 at John Lewis


and some cute linen:

Red Bicycle Typology Tea Towel £6 Etsy

Map tablecloth £13.26 from Etsy


Not only is this post is an entry for the “My Kitchen Story” Linky Challenge, sponsored by Fairy Platinum. (, writing it has been a cathartic way of avoiding the task of cleaning up my own kitchen.

Do you have your ideal kitchen or, like me, are you still dreaming of it. What does it look like? Leave a comment and let me know.


4 thoughts on “Kitchen SOS

  1. I like you showed us your real kitchen and signs of family life. I hope you get your dream kitchen soon. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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