Random Likings August 2014

Here’s a roundup of things that have caught my eye this month.

1. Primark biker style jacket. I actually saw this last week so they’re probably all gone now. You snooze, you lose.

Primark biker jacket £17 Autumn 2014

Primark biker jacket £17 Autumn 2014

2. MaKey MaKey

If you are the sort who likes to pretend inanimate objects are musical, you’ll love MaKey MaKey. (I guess it should rhyme with wakey wakey, rather than Ma-rhymes-with-baa) It lets you play the Mad Inventor by turning almost anything into a touch pad. There’s no UK distributor but you can order it directly from the company.

Banana Piano at MaKey MaKey

3. Build with Chrome is a cross between LEGO and Google Street View. It lets you go onto your street, or anywhere else you like, and digitally construct buildings. I started looking for a decent London building to show, but a lot of them are pretty rubbish (things like “Hi”) so you might want to start your exploration in the US.

Build with Chrome online LEGO construction

4. I am of the opinion that £10 for a magazine is just some publisher having a laugh. I don’t care if it does only come out quarterly, thereby costing less than some annual subscriptions, you can’t convince me that a £10 magazine has £6 or £7 more content than a standard monthly issue. Still, if I was in the habit of dropping £10 on mags I would have bought Lapham’s Quarterly this week.

Lapham’s Quarterly Summer 2014 – Youth

I also liked the look of Country & Town House, though I suspect I am far from their ideal demographic

Country & Town House September 2014

5. Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack: Awesome Mix Volume 1

Oh, but this is GOOOOOOD. There’s not a song on here I don’t love to listen, sing, or mum-dance to (like dad-dancing, only way more coordinated). Tracks include Hooked on a Feeling, Cherry Bomb (a personal favourite), and I’m Not in Love by 10CC



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