Fast, Tasty and Healthy After School Snacks

Simon Rimmer’s recipe for homemade jaffa cakes via

I know what it’s like when the kids come home, ravenous, looking for a smorgasbord of tasty treats to plug the gap until dinner. Well, I say “plug the gap” but what I mean is fill the pit inhabited by an insatiable beast who won’t be satisfied until every plate is dirty and nothing but a dribble of milk remains. My kids will instinctively reach for the biscuit tin or treat drawer so I try to make sure they’re filled with something which satisfies their sweet tooth and my mum guilt.

Here are some of my go-to recipes:

Healthy Flapjacks – you can substitute butter for coconut oil in this recipe, if you don’t like a strong coconut flavour.

Rice Crispy Squares – I don’t bother with mini marshmallows, just a packet of any old ones. I have also forgotten the butter and just made them with melted marshmallows and rice crispies and they are fine. My tip is to use a piece of greaseproof paper when pressing the mixture into the tin.

Choc Coconut Balls – the recipe mentions Arrowroot biscuits. Rich tea biscuits are a suitable alternative since you can’t get Arrowroot ones over here (more’s the pity)

My Favourite Chocolate Cake – a recipe I got from many moons ago.

Pikelets/Drop Scones/Scotch Pancakes – whatever you want to call them. Youngest loves these with golden syrup.

The other snack my two reach for when they get home is cereal. We get through A LOT of cereal and A LOT of milk.

What are your favourite after school snack recipes? Please share a link to them in the comments. I know my boys will be grateful for new ways to fill their bellies.


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