How To Stretch that Summer Holiday Feeling

image via via raffacama

image via via raffacama

I started these summer holidays with high expectations. I even made a summer bucket list, expecting to achieve so much in the shimmering ribbon of time stretching out in front of me…. Fast forward six weeks and what did I do? Answer: not much. That’s not to say the kids didn’t enjoy their summer holidays. My oldest was happy enough pottering or catching up with his mates in the park, while the younger had four weeks of holiday club where he went and played all day, coming home absolutely shattered with three empty drink bottles because he hadn’t stopped running around.

While I don’t feel like I failed in my maternal duty to provide my children with golden memories of endless summer days, I feel a bit ripped off that my summer wasn’t as enjoyable as I had planned. I love autumn, especially early autumn with the colours, crunchy leaves, and crisp sunshine, but I’m not quite ready to let go of summer yet. Here are some ways I plan to wring every drop of pleasure of this amazing summer we’ve had this year, before switching into autumn mode.

After school

There are still hours of daylight left after school. I’m going to go blackberrying, hit the park, and take a barbeque somewhere pretty so we can grill sausages and have an evening picnic. The kids have been on at me to get the table football down, so I forsee some of that as well.

On the weekend

While we got a few days away in Paignton at the beginning of summer, we haven’t been to the beach since then. That’s on the list, along with taking my youngest on his first off-road bike ride while the trails are still dry, and going Super Tubing at Ebbw Vale, followed by a visit to Cafe Sidoli for an ice cream.

How do you make the most of late-summer?


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