I’m a freelance writer and researcher. Mother of 2 boys. My body may be 40, but my mind is still in its 20s. In reality, I live in the suburbs. In my head, I live in the rolling lush greenness of the Welsh countryside. I have a short attention span and am easily distracted by shiny things or YouTube.

What I like: quiet mornings, summer, wine (though not pink wine – it gives me a nasty headache), cooking, baking, Twitter, Pinterest, blogging, going somewhere new, clean sheets, the magazines from the Sunday papers, good hair days, finding new music to listen to, a clean house, things that work first time, shortcuts.

What I don’t like: kids bickering, two people talking to me at once, pink wine hangovers, making school lunches, doing the ironing, Terry’s chocolate orange, weak tea, skin on coffee, waiting.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I really love the posts you are writing about inspirational people who changed their lives by changing their careers. For that you get a follower!
    I just started a new blog myself (www.themulticolouredcollar.com), all about careers, getting a job, choosing a dream job and so on. If you can then do check it out!
    I’d actually love to do a similar thing and get some inspiring awesome people to talk about their career paths, but not sure how to do it. How did you get hold of the people you interviewed?
    Cheers! đŸ˜€

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