Why Website Content is Still King in 2016


In the four years I have been website copywriting I have seen a steady growth in clients, with somewhat of an explosion in the last six to eight months. The latter could be due to my concerted effort to find work rather than relying on word of mouth, but the fact that there is a consistent stream of work means there is a strong market for high quality copywriting for websites. What do business blogs and great content offer?

Original SEO Content Attracts Readers

You can have an expensive, all bells-and-whistles website, but without interesting and insightful original content it will struggle to feature prominently in search engines. SEO terms incorporated organically, and relevant links built naturally into content, will both help your website to rank higher and be easily seen by your potential customers.

High quality content isn’t liberal use of links and keywords, it is creating something which entertains and informs the reader, and establishes you as an expert in your field.


Encourages Engagement

Business blog posts and website content add depth to your social media marketing. Again, it’s a way of showing your knowledge and expertise, highlighting you are more knowledgeable about your industry than your competitors and can therefore offer more.

Publishing great blog posts across various social media outlets can also help foster engagement with comments and sharing. If people like what they are reading they will pause to read more, or to share something they find useful with others.


Attract Traffic and Boost Sales

Of course, the point of improving your digital visibility and attracting customers is to increase your revenue, either directly or indirectly. In a world where customers are increasingly suspicious of overt sales pitches, well-crafted content on your website can add value to your product or service by giving people something for nothing. A blog post which solves a problem, answers a question, or adds something to the reader’s life in some way, will contribute to strengthening your profile.

Businesses who neglected their websites in favour of purely using social media are now struggling to regain their online profile. They underestimated the value of SEO content to attract traffic to their website and hold visitors’ interest by offering more than simply a landing page and an outline of their products or services. Consumers want – and expect – more, and website content gives it to them.

Find out how website copywriting can work for you.



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Oh wow! I knew it had been a while since I had blogged but 14 and a half months is quite a while. My freelance writing has really taken off in the last year and I have been so busy writing for other people that I haven’t had much time or inclination to write for myself. This morning I wrote up with the urge to blog, so here I am.

I checked back through my Instagram to see what I had been up to, but it’s mostly pictures of food and skating, so that wasn’t much help. Among other things since last March I have:

  • cooked hundreds of meals – some of which were actually eaten without complaint
  • started playing (or trying to play) roller derby
  • increased my love of all things glittery
  • maintained my adoration of Captain America
  • watched endless U9s football matches and training (and actually enjoyed it)
  • competed in another powerlifting competiton and beat my target
  • made my own skates
  • gone ramp skating a few times
  • met lots of new friends
  • lost and gained a couple of kilos
  • had the world’s worst haircut
  • switched from Asda to Aldi
  • turned 42
  • increased my knowledge of all things wedding (most of my writing clients work in the wedding industry)
  • been to Barcelona en famile
  • Met Liz Pichon
  • been to New York sans kids
  • been to Leicster (space centre – worth the drive)

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12 Fantastic Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday, is just two weeks away. Say “thanks” to the most important woman in your life with these gifts.

1. Bone China butterfly mug (£9), or tea cup and saucer (£14) at National Trust

2. Tweedmill Pure New Wool Rainbow Striped Throw £44.99 at Anna Davies

3. Chanel Le Vernis nail polish in spring 2015 shades: Tenderly, Desirio, and Paradisio. £18 each at Boots

4. Sporty Hobo Bag £39.50 from M&S

5. Luxury Belgian Truffles made in Wales. £30 from Black Mountain Gold

6. A good book, like Virginia Woolf in Manhattan. £7.79 for the Kindle edition at Amazon.co.uk


7. Paris in the springtime. Gift voucher from Eurostar

8. A voucher (or a few hour’s elbow grease) for a spring clean

Pulizie di primavera

9. An armful of daffodils, like these (£22) from Waitrose

10. A glass of fizz. British Denbies Whitedowns NV sparkling wine £14.39 at Waitrose (normally £17.99)

11. Wonder Woman logo t-shirt. £9.99 at TruffleShuffle.com

12. Cups and bowls in fresh spring colours. £1 each at Tiger

I would personally be happy with any of these! Why not leave a comment to let us know what present would make your Mother’s Day

Meal Planning Monday – 12 January 2015

It’s so long since I’ve done a blog post – nevermind an #MPM one – that WordPress virtually said “and YOU are?” as I logged in. That’s not to say I haven’t been meal planning, just that I haven’t made time to blog them.  (I have, however, been Instagramming the crap out of my meals).  No New Year’s crash diet for me, just a commitment to improve what my family and I are eating.

This week’s dinners are:

Peach Balsamic Rosemary Chicken

Curried Chicken

Slow Cooker Pineapple Pulled Pork

Sweet Potato Spinach Quiche

Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli

Breakfast for Dinner (aka Brinner)

Left overs

I’m even organised enough to plan lunches, which will either be left overs from the previous night’s dinner with salad, caprese salad with ham, curried chicken salad, or chicken and avocado salad. Breakfasts will be a super shake (including things like protein powder, spinach, chia seeds, flax, and frozen berries), leftovers, or scrambled egg with spinach, peppers and sweet potato.

What will you be eating this week? Why not share over on Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday linky.


You can’t miss this fantastic list of 101 ideas for a magical family Christmas. Family Days Tried and Tested is one of my all-time favourite blogs. Be sure to check it out for yourself. You don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy being with your kids, and FDT&T shows you how

familydaystriedandtested's Blog

So we made a list and we checked it twice! Here’s our list of 101 frugal or free, magical memory making Christmas ideas as put together by our followers!! Well done to everyone who contributed with ideas…










We hope you like our list! Please share it if you have found it helpful…

You can find more magical ideas to keep the kids entertained & ensure their childhoods are full of magical memories that don’t cost the world and last a lifetime at FAMILY DAYS TRIED & TESTED

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50 Fantastic Stocking Fillers for Boys – Part 2


Following on from 50 Fantastic Stocking Fillers for Boys – Part 1, here are 25 more brilliant and inexpensive stocking filler ideas for boys.

26. A Magazine

£1.99 WH Smith

27. Plop Trumps

£4.49 Tesco

£4.49 Tesco

28. Robot hot water bottle

£6.99 eBay

29. Scary skull soap

£3 Etsy

30. Personalised photo mug

£4 Asda

31. Beanie

Primark £3

32. Scarf

£4.99 H&M

£4.99 H&M

33. Toothbrush holder

£1.25 eBay

34. Chocolate coins

50p Tesco

35. Poster

36. Bath Crayons

£3 Tesco

37. Trading cards

£1 The Entertainer

38. Alarm clock

£1 Tiger

39. Personalised notebook

From £5.99 for A6 http://www.funkypigeon.com

40. Superhero stickers

41. Football socks

£3 eBay

42. Pencil case

£2 Wilkinsons

43. Samsung earbuds

£3.15 Amazon.co.uk

£3.15 Amazon.co.uk

44. Wristband flash drive

£1.39 (8GB) Amazon.co.uk

45. Smellies

£4 Superdrug

46. Fridge magnets

£4.99 Findmeagift.co.uk

47. Laser gun

£6 John Lewis

48.Cinema gift card

From £5 Vue

49. Travel game

£1.99 Argos

50. Chocolate gamer control

50 Fantastic Stocking Fillers for Boys – Part 1

50The countdown to Christmas is on. I’ve been giving Santa a hand and have come up with this list of 50 stocking filler ideas for boys. We won’t discuss how much I spent during the course of researching this article, but let’s just say if my boys aren’t happy on Dec 25th then I will be cancelling Christmas next year!

I started with the intention of putting all 50 ideas in one blog post, but it was too massive so here is part 1. Part 2 will follow.

1. Coloured USB cables for charging iPods. eBay 99p

2. Matching (or contrasting) wall plug for USB cable 99p from eBay

eBay 99p

3.Universal Power Bank

4. Balloon power boat

£2 Tiger (www.tigerstores.co.uk)

5. Wind up torch

Wind up torch £4 Ikea

6. Vintage camera mobile phone cover

£1.99 Amazon.co.uk

7. PacMan mirror

£4.99 Amazon.co.uk

8. Sunkist Camper Van

£6. Wilkinsons

9. Hexbug Nano

£4 The Entertainer (sold individually)

10. Toothbrush timer

£2.75 eBay

11. Chocolate calculator

£2.99 Findmeagift.com

12. Gross Cheques

99p The Book People

13. Blood bath shower gel

£4.99 at Prezzybox

14. Jumping frogs

£1.50 Hawkins Bazaar

15. Felt tip pens

£1 Tiger

16. LEGO Minifigures series 12

£2.49 John Lewis

17. Chocolate medal

18. Cosy fluffy slipper socks

£4 for two pairs Matalan

19. Superhero boxer shorts

£2.50 Sports Direct

20. Super Mario racing car

£2.99 Home Bargains

21. Terry’s Chocolate Orange

£1.50 Wilkinsons (currently £1 at Asda)

22. 100 Things You Will Never Find

£5.99 The Works

£5.99 The Works

23. Training football

£3 Sports Direct

24. Drinking straw glasses

£1.99 Findmeagift.com

25. Despicable Me Minion vinyl wall stickers

Click here for 50 Fantastic Stocking Fillers for Boys – Part 2