50 Fantastic Stocking Fillers for Boys – Part 2


Following on from 50 Fantastic Stocking Fillers for Boys – Part 1, here are 25 more brilliant and inexpensive stocking filler ideas for boys.

26. A Magazine

£1.99 WH Smith

27. Plop Trumps

£4.49 Tesco

£4.49 Tesco

28. Robot hot water bottle

£6.99 eBay

29. Scary skull soap

£3 Etsy

30. Personalised photo mug

£4 Asda

31. Beanie

Primark £3

32. Scarf

£4.99 H&M

£4.99 H&M

33. Toothbrush holder

£1.25 eBay

34. Chocolate coins

50p Tesco

35. Poster

36. Bath Crayons

£3 Tesco

37. Trading cards

£1 The Entertainer

38. Alarm clock

£1 Tiger

39. Personalised notebook

From £5.99 for A6 http://www.funkypigeon.com

40. Superhero stickers

41. Football socks

£3 eBay

42. Pencil case

£2 Wilkinsons

43. Samsung earbuds

£3.15 Amazon.co.uk

£3.15 Amazon.co.uk

44. Wristband flash drive

£1.39 (8GB) Amazon.co.uk

45. Smellies

£4 Superdrug

46. Fridge magnets

£4.99 Findmeagift.co.uk

47. Laser gun

£6 John Lewis

48.Cinema gift card

From £5 Vue

49. Travel game

£1.99 Argos

50. Chocolate gamer control


50 Fantastic Stocking Fillers for Boys – Part 1

50The countdown to Christmas is on. I’ve been giving Santa a hand and have come up with this list of 50 stocking filler ideas for boys. We won’t discuss how much I spent during the course of researching this article, but let’s just say if my boys aren’t happy on Dec 25th then I will be cancelling Christmas next year!

I started with the intention of putting all 50 ideas in one blog post, but it was too massive so here is part 1. Part 2 will follow.

1. Coloured USB cables for charging iPods. eBay 99p

2. Matching (or contrasting) wall plug for USB cable 99p from eBay

eBay 99p

3.Universal Power Bank

4. Balloon power boat

£2 Tiger (www.tigerstores.co.uk)

5. Wind up torch

Wind up torch £4 Ikea

6. Vintage camera mobile phone cover

£1.99 Amazon.co.uk

7. PacMan mirror

£4.99 Amazon.co.uk

8. Sunkist Camper Van

£6. Wilkinsons

9. Hexbug Nano

£4 The Entertainer (sold individually)

10. Toothbrush timer

£2.75 eBay

11. Chocolate calculator

£2.99 Findmeagift.com

12. Gross Cheques

99p The Book People

13. Blood bath shower gel

£4.99 at Prezzybox

14. Jumping frogs

£1.50 Hawkins Bazaar

15. Felt tip pens

£1 Tiger

16. LEGO Minifigures series 12

£2.49 John Lewis

17. Chocolate medal

18. Cosy fluffy slipper socks

£4 for two pairs Matalan

19. Superhero boxer shorts

£2.50 Sports Direct

20. Super Mario racing car

£2.99 Home Bargains

21. Terry’s Chocolate Orange

£1.50 Wilkinsons (currently £1 at Asda)

22. 100 Things You Will Never Find

£5.99 The Works

£5.99 The Works

23. Training football

£3 Sports Direct

24. Drinking straw glasses

£1.99 Findmeagift.com

25. Despicable Me Minion vinyl wall stickers

Click here for 50 Fantastic Stocking Fillers for Boys – Part 2

Cool toys and gifts for Babies and Kids

While I’m very happy that my family is complete, it doesn’t stop me lusting after stylish clothes and toys for babies and young children. Take the kids collection at Tucci Brown, for example. I spent ages browsing their gorgeous catalogue, dreaming of a Christmas where some fictitious children with better taste than mine opened Pinterest-worthy wrapping (carefully, appreciating my creative efforts) with sincere delight at the contents, such as the gingham washi tape they’d use to create pesonalised stationery for their thoughtfully written thank you notes; or this doll house kit.

Makedo Dollhouse Craft Kit $17.95 from http://www.tuccibrown.com


If you make your own purees or yoghurts, you’ll love these Sinchies from Sister Mixin. The reusable food pouches are ideal for transporting home made food – perfect if you like to know exactly what your child is eating and don’t want to spend a fortune while you’re out. The site is Australian and doesn’t ship to the UK, but I have seen a site on eBay that ships abroad.

Sinchies reusable food pouches come in a variety of sizes at http://www.sistermixin.com


I can’t get excited about the new (or any) Godzilla film, but at £8 these slippers from John Lewis are cheaper than a movie ticket and much better value. It’s a shame they don’t do them in adult sizes.

John Lewis slippers £8


I am one of over 407,000 Instagram followers of Fashion by Mayhem’s marvellous creations. If you haven’t seen her yet you must check her out on Instagram or her website. A little girl and her mum make the most incredible dresses out of paper, but that’s only half of it because Mayhem (not her real name) is a natural in front of the camera. Every image is a joy to behold whether you’re admiring the creativity in her dresses or her untamed joie de vie.


Who says you have to be a kid to enjoy a pair of custom designed Converse? I am a huge fan of the sneakers and love that you can now have them made in any colour combo you like. My boys would love these Brazilian flag Converse Chuck Taylor All Star hi-tops. I haven’t seen them in the UK yet, but they’re $37 plus shipping from the US, which is a good price.

Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops


If you’ve seen something recently that caught your eye, post a link below. You know I’m always after more shiny things to distract me from what I should be doing!

Top Christmas toys for boys

Forget the lists that are being hyped by the media. This is what is on the list in my house.

The Hogwarts Castle would be particularly well received, as would any pick and mix building blocks and this series 4 hockey player Minifigure.

 The bigger the better as far as my boys are concerned. Keep dreaming kids… it’s never gonna happen
Music vouchers

 Like Amazon, to download such classics as Sexy and I Know It and Make You Sweat

A family outing to somewhere is on the cards for Christmas but where is still being debated.


Sports equipment
Mine got hockey sticks last year but if they need equipment then now is a good time. Footballs are always received well here as the level of accuracy doesn’t always match the level of enthusiasm.

Power Rangers
I honestly thought I’d seen the back of Power Rangers when my eldest grew out of them 3 or 4 years ago. Apparently I haven’t. I’ve been told these are different but I can’t see it.

Watcha want?

I’ve had a yearning for a new watch lately. I’ve been wearing a stainless steel Tag for the last 13 years, which I bought when the only thing I had to spend my disposable income on was myself, and duty free shopping was a regular occurrance. I love it. It’s reliable, takes the bashes of daily wear admirably, and still looks good.

I recently saw a lustworthy rose gold Rolex which led me to Michael Kors’ more affordable alternative:
I also fancy the Chanel J12 ceramic model, either in white or mother of pearl:
Fossil does a cheaper version, but it’s nowhere near as nice:

Maybe it’s time to start my Christmas wish list?