Why Website Content is Still King in 2016


In the four years I have been website copywriting I have seen a steady growth in clients, with somewhat of an explosion in the last six to eight months. The latter could be due to my concerted effort to find work rather than relying on word of mouth, but the fact that there is a consistent stream of work means there is a strong market for high quality copywriting for websites. What do business blogs and great content offer?

Original SEO Content Attracts Readers

You can have an expensive, all bells-and-whistles website, but without interesting and insightful original content it will struggle to feature prominently in search engines. SEO terms incorporated organically, and relevant links built naturally into content, will both help your website to rank higher and be easily seen by your potential customers.

High quality content isn’t liberal use of links and keywords, it is creating something which entertains and informs the reader, and establishes you as an expert in your field.


Encourages Engagement

Business blog posts and website content add depth to your social media marketing. Again, it’s a way of showing your knowledge and expertise, highlighting you are more knowledgeable about your industry than your competitors and can therefore offer more.

Publishing great blog posts across various social media outlets can also help foster engagement with comments and sharing. If people like what they are reading they will pause to read more, or to share something they find useful with others.


Attract Traffic and Boost Sales

Of course, the point of improving your digital visibility and attracting customers is to increase your revenue, either directly or indirectly. In a world where customers are increasingly suspicious of overt sales pitches, well-crafted content on your website can add value to your product or service by giving people something for nothing. A blog post which solves a problem, answers a question, or adds something to the reader’s life in some way, will contribute to strengthening your profile.

Businesses who neglected their websites in favour of purely using social media are now struggling to regain their online profile. They underestimated the value of SEO content to attract traffic to their website and hold visitors’ interest by offering more than simply a landing page and an outline of their products or services. Consumers want – and expect – more, and website content gives it to them.

Find out how website copywriting can work for you.



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Oh wow! I knew it had been a while since I had blogged but 14 and a half months is quite a while. My freelance writing has really taken off in the last year and I have been so busy writing for other people that I haven’t had much time or inclination to write for myself. This morning I wrote up with the urge to blog, so here I am.

I checked back through my Instagram to see what I had been up to, but it’s mostly pictures of food and skating, so that wasn’t much help. Among other things since last March I have:

  • cooked hundreds of meals – some of which were actually eaten without complaint
  • started playing (or trying to play) roller derby
  • increased my love of all things glittery
  • maintained my adoration of Captain America
  • watched endless U9s football matches and training (and actually enjoyed it)
  • competed in another powerlifting competiton and beat my target
  • made my own skates
  • gone ramp skating a few times
  • met lots of new friends
  • lost and gained a couple of kilos
  • had the world’s worst haircut
  • switched from Asda to Aldi
  • turned 42
  • increased my knowledge of all things wedding (most of my writing clients work in the wedding industry)
  • been to Barcelona en famile
  • Met Liz Pichon
  • been to New York sans kids
  • been to Leicster (space centre – worth the drive)

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12 Fantastic Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday, is just two weeks away. Say “thanks” to the most important woman in your life with these gifts.

1. Bone China butterfly mug (£9), or tea cup and saucer (£14) at National Trust

2. Tweedmill Pure New Wool Rainbow Striped Throw £44.99 at Anna Davies

3. Chanel Le Vernis nail polish in spring 2015 shades: Tenderly, Desirio, and Paradisio. £18 each at Boots

4. Sporty Hobo Bag £39.50 from M&S

5. Luxury Belgian Truffles made in Wales. £30 from Black Mountain Gold

6. A good book, like Virginia Woolf in Manhattan. £7.79 for the Kindle edition at Amazon.co.uk


7. Paris in the springtime. Gift voucher from Eurostar

8. A voucher (or a few hour’s elbow grease) for a spring clean

Pulizie di primavera

9. An armful of daffodils, like these (£22) from Waitrose

10. A glass of fizz. British Denbies Whitedowns NV sparkling wine £14.39 at Waitrose (normally £17.99)

11. Wonder Woman logo t-shirt. £9.99 at TruffleShuffle.com

12. Cups and bowls in fresh spring colours. £1 each at Tiger

I would personally be happy with any of these! Why not leave a comment to let us know what present would make your Mother’s Day


You can’t miss this fantastic list of 101 ideas for a magical family Christmas. Family Days Tried and Tested is one of my all-time favourite blogs. Be sure to check it out for yourself. You don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy being with your kids, and FDT&T shows you how

familydaystriedandtested's Blog

So we made a list and we checked it twice! Here’s our list of 101 frugal or free, magical memory making Christmas ideas as put together by our followers!! Well done to everyone who contributed with ideas…










We hope you like our list! Please share it if you have found it helpful…

You can find more magical ideas to keep the kids entertained & ensure their childhoods are full of magical memories that don’t cost the world and last a lifetime at FAMILY DAYS TRIED & TESTED

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The Top 5 Christmas Books You Have to Read With Your Kids

Caught My Eye

I love Christmas and one of my favourite ways of getting into it is by reading my kids Christmas stories and hyping them up just before bedtime. My 5 year old likes three stories a night (as do I, since they make handy bargaining tool when it comes to getting him ready for bed). Here is my pick of the best Christmas stories for kids. I have linked them all to Amazon for ease but these are all widely available.

  1. The Dinosaur who Pooped Christmas – Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter.

If the authors sound familiar to you it’s because they’re from once teen-sensation, now all grown up boy band, McFly. This book was only published last month and I knew as soon as I saw it that it had a place on our bookshelf. Dinosaurs, poo and Christmas – what more could a 5 year old boy want from…

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Is this Your Year for a New Career?

I have absolutely loved doing this series of interviews with people who have changed their career. It’s been interesting for me and hopefully inspiring for you. Today it’s Leonie’s turn. Prepare to be impressed!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Leoni Jena, I am 41 years old and mother of 4 gorgeous girls. Between looking after my family and house I run my own cake business called Just call me Martha.

2. What made you decide to become a cake decorator – what were you doing before? Was it an epiphany or were you actively looking for a career change?
I’ve always worked in the creative field after my first child was born in 2000 (painting sewing etc), it kept me busy and my mind active while providing a creative outlet. I didn’t really seek out to become a cake decorator as career it was more like cake decorating found me by accident back in 2009. I was looking for some farm animal figurines for my youngest daughter’s 1st birthday cake, found they were too expensive so tried to make them myself using fondant. To my utter surprise and amazement (and everyone else’s!) I found I was quite good at it.

Pics copyright of Just Call Me Martha

3. What process did you go through re: courses, work experience, business advice, etc
I never trained to be a cake decorator, most things I’ve learned is through practice and trial and error. I started receiving cake orders via friends which rapidly multiplied into other orders via friends of friends. I briefly attended cake classes once a week for 12 months to learn how to make sugar flowers and have also recently done a few 2 day cake courses to sharpen skills I felt are weak. In the cake industry you never stop learning as each order is always unique asking for skills you may never have used before.

4. How long did the process take from inspiration to calling yourself a professional?
I’ve only been in the business for a total of 5 years, so not a lot of experience to call myself a professional. About 3 years ago I realised with the amount of orders I was receiving I better start registering my kitchen and also completed a Health, food and safety certificate. I also registered my business name and linked it to my ABN number for tax purposes. (Leoni is in Melbourne, Australia).

5. What does a typical day involve for you?

Typically I drop the girls at school and read my emails each morning answering queries and doing quotes. If I have an order or two due that week I create a work order sheet, and proceed to make and create all the sugar work such as flowers, figurines etc on Mondays and Tuesdays between 9am – 3pm, Wednesday evening is my baking days for cakes, Thursday cutting, filling and ganaching cakes and Fridays I cover in fondant and finish my orders ready for delivery or pickups. I never work beyond 3pm as my children come home from school and then it’s time to help with homework, start cooking and clean the house.

Copyright Just Call Me Martha

6. What are the best bits about your job?
I love the flexibility my work gives me, I get to pick and choose when I work (I don’t work school holidays and weekends are generally only for delivery or pickups) and how much work I take on. Since I only work from 9am-3pm each day I try not to do more than 2-3 orders a week (this usually entails a cake, matching cupcakes, cookies and pops). If any of my girls are sick I can drop what I am doing to pick them up from school and take them home. I never need to ask for parental sick leave and I never need permission for holiday leave. I love the creativity and challenge of my work and all my work is for happy occasions and make people smile.

Copyright of Just Call Me Martha

7. And the worst bits?
You can never accurately estimate your projected income for the year, this does not worry me since we don’t rely on my work to pay the bills, but if you were the primary bread earner this could be stressful. I also don’t like the invoicing and bookwork involved at the end of tax year, boring! I also dislike the delivery of cakes, I always worry something might happen en-route, especially large wedding cakes.

8. Has the change been a good one for you?
I would say yes, I get to do something I love and create people’s ideas in cake form while being paid for it.

Copyright Just Call Me Martha

9. What advice would you give to anyone considering something similar?
Be patient! Start slowly and experiment on your friends and family first. You’ll be surprised how quickly your business and client base will grow. These days most of my customers are repeat clients and you start to form a friendship and bond with your clients. If you know someone already in the business see if you can buddy up with them and learn from them. In this is industry practise makes perfect. Also use the social media like Facebook as much as you can, you’ll be surprised how much work can come via this form.

You can reach Leoni via the Just Call Me Martha Facebook Page or via emailing sajena@iprimus.com.au.

Lest We Forget: Remembering WWI 1914-1918

Growing up in Australia, my lessons on WWI had a different slant to those my kids have in their British schools. A lot of the focus was on the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915 (Australia & New Zealand’s national day of remembrance is April 25, to commemorate the date of the landing). You’d have to have been living in a bubble to not know that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI. It’s also the beginning of four years of activities to commemorate those who served and educate people about the Great War.

Every Man Remembered is a project being run by the Royal British Legion to that all men (and women) who died in service in WWI to be commemorated and remembered. It’s simple to use. Either let the site randomly give you a name or search on a family member.

The BBC has a fantastic array of activities and programmes lined up. There is a wealth of information at www.bbc.co.uk/ww1.

The Imperial War Museum has created a brilliant website listing events taking part around the UK, not only those they are curating. Go to www.1914.org. They also have released a fab series of podcasts on the iTunes store called IWM Voices of theFirst World War, which are original recordings of interviews with people who were there.

Those in other countries can see what’s happening around them at The Great War 1914-1918.

Have you taken part in any activities commemorating WWI? Do you think it’s important to remember, or is it just history?