Why Website Content is Still King in 2016


In the four years I have been website copywriting I have seen a steady growth in clients, with somewhat of an explosion in the last six to eight months. The latter could be due to my concerted effort to find work rather than relying on word of mouth, but the fact that there is a consistent stream of work means there is a strong market for high quality copywriting for websites. What do business blogs and great content offer?

Original SEO Content Attracts Readers

You can have an expensive, all bells-and-whistles website, but without interesting and insightful original content it will struggle to feature prominently in search engines. SEO terms incorporated organically, and relevant links built naturally into content, will both help your website to rank higher and be easily seen by your potential customers.

High quality content isn’t liberal use of links and keywords, it is creating something which entertains and informs the reader, and establishes you as an expert in your field.


Encourages Engagement

Business blog posts and website content add depth to your social media marketing. Again, it’s a way of showing your knowledge and expertise, highlighting you are more knowledgeable about your industry than your competitors and can therefore offer more.

Publishing great blog posts across various social media outlets can also help foster engagement with comments and sharing. If people like what they are reading they will pause to read more, or to share something they find useful with others.


Attract Traffic and Boost Sales

Of course, the point of improving your digital visibility and attracting customers is to increase your revenue, either directly or indirectly. In a world where customers are increasingly suspicious of overt sales pitches, well-crafted content on your website can add value to your product or service by giving people something for nothing. A blog post which solves a problem, answers a question, or adds something to the reader’s life in some way, will contribute to strengthening your profile.

Businesses who neglected their websites in favour of purely using social media are now struggling to regain their online profile. They underestimated the value of SEO content to attract traffic to their website and hold visitors’ interest by offering more than simply a landing page and an outline of their products or services. Consumers want – and expect – more, and website content gives it to them.

Find out how website copywriting can work for you.